About Us

About Us

Located in Scenic City of Pune, Maharashtra, India, we are manufacturer and retailer of home decor and crockery items inspired by life in the great Himalayan region; simple, vivid & sustainable


  • Be simple, humble and honest.
  • Follow a life path that is sustainable and sync with Mother Nature.
  • Leave a legacy that our coming generations would enjoy and be proud of.

Social Inspiration

Too many Himalayas symbolises Majestic, Pristine, Spiritual, Heavenly, Diversity, Life etc. In-fact Himalayas are one of the top bio-diverse regions in the world despite the fact humans have lived there for a millennia. The great Himalayan Mountains have been a source of life to many species. For centuries people living in the Himalayan belt have enjoyed a symbiotic relationship with the nature/ecosystem and therefore unadulterated were the water, soil and air. Lush greenery, pristine water and flourishing bio-diversity was the standard.

However, this bio-diverse region is currently under threat mainly due to unplanned and unchecked so-called developmental human activities. The view of forests and natural resources has been reduced to a mere economic product serving the mankind.

Also, the native people, are leaving the mountains and migrating to plains in the search of that phantom dream – a better city life. In addition unplanned development and management of dwellings in this region has created a havoc. The vast damage caused by landslides, floods and earthquakes are examples that can’t be ignored.

Nearsightedness, coupled with unsound government policies and weak implementation of developmental work in these regions can’t be ignored.

We believe that if timely corrective action is not taken in place then one of the greatest treasures, the Himalayas – source of pure water, clean air, fertile soil, biodiversity –aka source of life – would be lost and our coming generations would suffer. We believe that by promoting socio-economic activities in the region would be a right step in the overall bigger mission.